SAGE 50 US Pro Accounting 2018 Version
(Formerly known as SAGE Peachtree)

Meet the needs of your growing business!
Sage 50 US PRO Accounting has exactly what your growing business needs. The easy-to-use accounting solution can help you in a number of your business functions like getting paid, paying your bills, controlling cash flow, and managing employees. Sage 50 Pro comes integrated with a number of features that can provide you with assistance on a number of tasks like:

  • Creating invoices
  • Making checks
  • Recording customer payments
  • Tracking sales and inventory
  • Automatic delivery updates
  • Customized Reporting
  • Access to help and advice by phone, chat, email, and online
  • Save time and money and accomplish more every day with Sage 50 Pro Accounting. Sage 50 US Pro Accounting provides you with the ease and convenience in managing your business.

  • Organize your finances
  • Manage employees
  • Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices
  • Manage cash flow, customer payments, and collections
  • Swiftly check for common accounting errors
  • Price List

    SAGE 50 US Professional Accounting – S$ 499/-

    SAGE 50 US Premium 2018 Version
    (Formerly known as SAGE Peachtree)

    Software that grows with your business!
    Sage 50 US Premium is the software solution that all expanding businesses need. It is an easy-to-use yet powerful accounting, inventory and reporting software that provides a number of features like at-a-glance dashboards, management centres and budget and analysis tools that can assist you in making well informed and confident decisions. You can easily consolidate multi-company financial, compare different budgets, create custom reports, and track job change orders, for a greater insight into your business functions. Sage 50 US also comes with an automatic delivery of updates as well as a complete access to advice by phone, chat, email, and online.

    The Sage 50 US Premium can provide your business with the most powerful accounting, inventory, and reporting functionality, as well as tools that can assist the expert management of your strategic growth plans.

  • At-a-glance dashboards that help you focus on key business metrics
  • Track inventory, plan purchases, and expand service offerings
  • Change order processing assists projects management & increases profitability
  • Create multiple budgets
  • Serialized inventory adds ease to tracking warranty claims, recalls, and more
  • Consolidate the financial reporting of multiple companies
  • Reduce errors and deter fraud with screen-level security and a clear audit trail
  • Price List

    SAGE 50 US Premier – 1 User – S$ 749/-
    SAGE 50 US Premier – 2 Users – S$ 1069/-
    SAGE 50 US Premier – 3 Users – S$ 1389/-
    SAGE 50 US Premier – 4 Users – S$ 1699/-
    SAGE 50 US Premier – 5 Users – S$ 2019/-

    SAGE 50 US Quantum
    (Formerly known as SAGE Peachtree)

    The best solution for large data requirements and multi-user access needs.
    The Sage 50 US Quantum software is a top-of-the-line business management software which offers advanced security and can accommodate up to 40 users at a time. Being a high performance product, it provides tools to manage the day-to-day accounting and also provides automated workflows, role-based security, real-time analytics, advanced job and project tracking tools, and industry-specific functionality. The Sage 50 US Quantum is well suited to support the future growth of your business

    As a business management solution, Sage 50 US Quantum Accounting 2016 delivers insight, analytics, and workflow management for up to 40 users.

  • Organize key, real-time information and access it easily, through customized dashboards
  • Automated workflows help you stay on top of your sales orders and fulfilment
  • Change order processing helps increase job profitability
  • At-a-glance management centres help manage customers, inventory, and jobs
  • Industry-specific functionality helps meet the needs of your business
  • Create multiple budgets
  • Custom reporting tools let you design and share insightful reports
  • Customizable security for individual users helps reduce errors and deter fraud
  • Price List

    SAGE 50 Quantum – 1 User – Call for Quote
    SAGE 50 Quantum – 2 Users – Call for Quote
    SAGE 50 Quantum – 3 Users – Call for Quote
    SAGE 50 Quantum – 4 Users – Call for Quote
    SAGE 50 Quantum – 5 Users – Call for Quote